One of the most important elements of the strategy of ALD Automotive Magyarország Kft. is Quality Policy, which guarantees that we reach and maintain the service level expected by our Clients while performing our car fleet management and operation tasks.

We declare our commitment to quality, which we consider as a defining factor of our activities.

By complying with the EN ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system, we intend to provide our services according to strict quality requirements.

The management of the company declares their commitment to quality, efficiency, the optimal use of resources, the minimization of environmental impact, as well as full compliance with the requirements, and they expect the same from each and every employee and subcontractor of the company.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate (Expires on: 23-08-2023)

Quality Policy 2021

Ecovadis certificate 2021

Code of Conduct

Code on fight against corruption


The Mission of Our Company

·        We perform our car fleet management and operation tasks at a high level, thus meeting the needs and expectations of our Clients,

·        In our work, we require our employees to comply with the laws, the policies of ALD International, and the requirements of internal regulations,

·        By applying the principles of quality management we increase the effectiveness of our organisation and enter into mutually beneficial contracts with our Clients,

·        We guarantee that Client information is treated confidentially,

·        In our work we strive to prevent faults, and we also put particular emphasis on providing better services to our Clients than expected.

·        We intend to increase customer satisfaction by streamlining our services and administrative processes.

·        We pay special attention to compliance with the obligations set forth by the stakeholders and to avoid unnecessary environmental impact. We also raise awareness to this among our employees – continuously expecting them to meet these obligations.

 The Principle of Our Operation:

                                            Our Clients’ satisfaction is our security

 The Quality Policy as accepted by the Company is implemented through the quality assurance system. Our managers and employees demonstrate their commitment to quality by the results of their work.