ALD Flex: Company car rental from 1 month upto 2 years

Rent your company car upto 2 years from our fleet! Our flexible mobility solution is available - for our customers who already have a running lease agreement - with the background and benefits provided by the market-leading fleet provider.

If you want to rent a reliable car on favorable terms and with a tracked service background without committing to a long-term lease agreement, we recommend ALD Flex fleet car rental for you. Both brand new and used cars are available from stock in several categories.

Advantages of ALD Flex: 

  • Available on stock
  • Duration: minimum 1 month up to 2 years
  • Cost effective  compared to other short term rental offers, on a HUF basis 
  • No need to sign a long term leasing contract, you can rent a car for even 1 month 
  • Low mileage, proven service track 
  • Brand new and used cars are also available in our fleet 
  • Wide choice of manufacturers, models, types, fuel, engines
  • Pre-runner car: Great solution to provide mobility until the ordered fleet car arrives.
  • Short term mobility without a leasing agreement: provide fleet car for colleagues during a project period

What is included in our offer?

  • Liability insurance and CASCO 
  • Repair (except puncture) and maintenance, lubricant refill
  • Seasonal tire 
  • Highway ticket for Hungary
  • User license for multiple drivers
  • Travelling abroad (To countries indicated on the International Green Card, except: BG, GR, TR, AL, the former Yugoslavia (except Croatia and Slovenia) and the successor states of the former Soviet Union, except the Baltic States) 
  • Company car tax
  • Door-to-door service during working hours in Budapest and agglomeration * (M-F: 8.00-17.00) for extra charge
  • External-internal cleaning at the start of the rental period 
  • 7/24 hour roadside assistance within Hungary

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