Just lean back - everything is safe

Insurance & risk management


We analyse any changes in risk and work with you in defining the best possible coverage as well as any preventative measures appropriate.
For a single contact for your vehicles, ALD Automotive gives you the option of outsourcing the insurance of your fleet.


- You no longer have to declare to your insurer if you add or remove vehicles to and from your fleet, nor request any new insurance certificate. The vehicle is insured throughout the life of the contract, from the moment it is delivered until it is returned. Insurance certificates are included in the vehicle "Log Book" when a new vehicle is delivered.
- Insurance premiums are paid in monthly instalments at no extra cost to the insured. In fact, it means a saving: there are no annual or six-monthly payments.
- This service is only invoiced while the vehicle is leased. A single monthly invoice lists the lease payments and insurance premiums on your fleet.
- Drivers only need to contact ALD Automotive's Driver Services Department and we will handle all the constraints linked to the immobilisation of a vehicle and manage any kind of claims.

Supplementary insurance service


When you use our supplementary insurance service, you can obtain insurance not only for your car, but also for your luggage, electronic devices or even the life of the user of the company car, avoiding the shock that could be caused by the loss of your personal belongings.