ALD employees planted trees this year again, to neutralize the emissions of 200 company vehicles in the future

ALD employees planted trees this year again, to neutralize the emissions of 200 company vehicles in the future

Saplings for a future forest were planted on an area of 2 hectares in November, as part of the ALD Offsetting – Tree planting Program near Esztergom, in the protected area of the Duna-Ipoly National Park. When they grow up, the trees will be able to bind about 850 tons of carbon dioxide. Our cooperation with WWF Hungary has been going on successfully for years, with the objective of reducing CO2 emissions. The amount of carbon dioxide that gets into the air through exhaust gas can be reduced in the long run by restoring vegetation and planting trees, as carbon is bound by the trees.


By planting forest, we realize not only our climate protection goals, but our nature protection goals as well. Through this activity we reduce the ecological footprint of our fleet: by binding the carbon dioxide emitted by the cars, we are not only cleaning the air, but also expanding the natural habitat.


Beside realizing our economic goals, responsible and sustainable operation is of high priority in each country of the ALD Group. It is a basic expectation to be aware of the impact we have on society and on the environment and, beside optimizing our processes on an ongoing basis, to take an active part in restoration and prevention as well. Our tree planting program is only one of our many initiatives. 


Employees of ALD Automotive Hungary act responsible towards the environment in their private lives, too. This year the trees were planted with the active participation of 70 ALD employees and 15 children. The team was divided into three. While team 1 was planting trees, team 2 hiked to the nearby Strázsa mountain to learn about the park’s wildlife and others got familiar with bird banding. We closed the day with a nice goulash meal. The ALD Tree planting Program is a great opportunity to escape from the urban environment and get a firsthand experience on how to make our environment more livable.


Olena Tymofiyiva – ALD CEO

„When it comes to climate change, it’s our responsibility, each of us as an individual to lead with our own example. This initiative is our message to community, but this is also a message to future generation. And that is a great opportunity for all of us to have a great day together in a great team and with a great mission directed to the future.”


Regina Szepesi – ALD HR Director

“The sooner we introduce our children to what it means to think responsibly and have a responsible relationship with nature, the greater our chances that our future will be a world where we do respect and take into account our environmental values; where we give back and don't just take from the environment.”


Dr. László Gálhidy – WWF Forest Programme Manager

“We were originally approached by ALD 9 years ago about the issue of finding a way to offset the CO2 emission of the fleet managed by them. We believe that forestation is a very good solution for several reasons. Our choice has repeatedly been the Danube-Ipoly National Park, where a Turkey oak forest were planted. Even this small expansion helps increase the forest coverage of ​​the country; which I think is in the public interest by adding to the values ​​of the whole country.”


The ALD Offsetting – Tree planting Program was launched in 2012, as a testimony of our commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility. Since binding the carbon dioxide that is emitted by the motor vehicles managed by ALD Automotive is an organic part of our purposeful and responsible corporate philosophy, the program was planned for long term. It is not a secret: our intention is to raise awareness to the fact that all of us can do something for climate protection. Our tree planting program is open for any of our customers who strive to run their business in a sustainable manner. We have seen several good examples for partners joining our Offsetting Program this year and in previous years, too. Customers who are interested in joining our environmental program are always welcome.


Author: Annamária Koller-Nagy – ALD Marketing Manager