Duration: 48 months Mileage: 20.000 km/year, (total): 80.000 km

The luxurious, dynamic SUV.

With Jaguar performance at the heart of its DNA, Jaguar F‑PACE delivers enhanced, sporty handling with improved fuel efficiency. Experience an exhilarating drive from a choice of powertrains, with the Plug-in Hybrid providing even greater fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

Progressive and assertive, this is an extraordinary SUV. Jaguar F‑PACE’s updated exterior gives the vehicle a dynamic new look. The spacious and luxurious interior has been completely redesigned with exquisite attention to detail and enhanced levels of comfort.

The luxury performance SUV brings together award‑winning design, Jaguar performance and intuitive technologies to make every journey feel extraordinary.

About the model:

  • Car type: Passenger car
  • Body type: SUV
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Motor Engine: 1997 cm3
  • Capacity: 150 kW / 204 LE 

The offer includes:

  • CASCO: 10%, min. 100.000 HUF self exemption
  • Service: Yes, included
  • Tyre: Yes - Winter: 4 tyres 
  • Assistance: Yes, within Hungary

Operative leasing offer:

Valid from 26 October 2022 until cancellation 

48 months 80.000 km:

Option - A:
0. monthly fee: 3.451.762 HUF+VAT
Net monthly fee: 374.900 HUF/month

Option - B:
0. monthly fee: -
Net monthly fee: 465.990 HUF/month

*The model illustrated on the photo may not match the type and equipment offered.

Regarding our offer, please contact our colleague:

György BENKÓCZY - Partnership Manager
T.: +36-1-802-5844, M.: +36-70-431-6781
E-mail: gyorgy.benkoczy(at)