Duration: 48 months Mileage: 20.000 km/year, (total): 80.000 km

Jaguar in every detail, special in every detail

A luxury leisure vehicle, with an imposing and elegant design, with respectable performance. Every move is instinctive on the road, as its sporty character is a tradition.

It turns everyday journeys into an adventure, and takes care of us in exhilarating turns with its countless driving safety systems. It is not only spacious and offer a new level of comfort, but it is frugal and modern in addition to its enthusiastic dynamism.

The heart of the Jaguar F-Pace can be a 2-liter diesel engine with a modest appetite , but also a 5-liter gasoline engine with a compressor, if the goal is to make the driver's heart beat violently.

About the model:

  • Car type: Passenger car
  • Body type: SUV
  • Fuel type: Benzin
  • Motor Engine: 1997 cm3
  • Capacity: 184 kW / 250 LE 

The offer includes:

  • CASCO: 10%, min. 100.000 HUF self exemption
  • Service: Yes, included
  • Tyre: Yes - Winter: 4 tyres 
  • Assistance: Yes, within Hungary

Operative leasing offer:

Valid from 8 June 2023 until cancellation 

48 months 80.000 km:

Option - A:
0. monthly fee: 3.508.780 HUF+VAT
Net monthly fee: 372.900 HUF/month

Option - B:
0. monthly fee: -
Net monthly fee: 462.900 HUF/month

*The model illustrated on the photo may not match the type and equipment offered.

Regarding our offer, please contact our colleague:

György BENKÓCZY - Partnership Manager
T.: +36-1-802-5844, M.: +36-70-431-6781
E-mail: gyorgy.benkoczy(at)